Nina opens in Udine in March 2012.
The shop is located in the beautiful and characteristic Via Pelliccerie, with items reserved for women only.
The products offered inside are the result of the selection of small companies, which produce "Made in Italy" but also from collaboration with foreign companies.
Nina's world is not just one, there are many worlds, just as there are many types of women who accompany her in her continuous search for clothing not only to wear but to enjoy.
The intention is to offer its customers quality but also original items, in order to differentiate itself from the standardized proposal of the large chains.
Nina will be constantly evolving, with the idea of ​​trying to improve herself more and more.
It presents itself as a conceptstore and in its history it has sold, in addition to clothing, objects from all over the world, bicycles, selections of Franciacorta, candles and many gift ideas.
A shop that renews itself from year to year.